Stefano Viezzi is starring in the new Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics campaign


The Italian who made history in cyclo-cross talks about the sacrifices and commitment of the national team’s corporate partner.

In February 2024, Stefano Viezzi was crowned cyclocross world champion. A title that Italy had been missing since 2005. 

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics is world champion in transport. 


The Azzurri go down in history 
The new Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics campaign features Stefano Viezzi and his teammates, who visited the company’s logistics hub in San Quirino, in the province of Pordenone, an international strategic point for logistics and goods storage activities. A collaboration that further sanctions the strong bond between Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics and the National Team, in the name of development and excellence in Italian sport. 

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics and the national team: the story of a passion
“We are happy to see the boys bringing prestige to the country,” says Mario Buzzatti. “Ours is a real passion for a discipline that builds character and personality. Stefano did something great last winter, he made us proud to be with the Italian national team. This gold medal is a historic result that we have not seen for years and it is touching to see how this young man has followed his dream. I see many parallels between cycling and our work, and it inspires my whole team to be ever more competitive in the goals we have set ourselves over the years.

A unique achievement, a constant commitment
Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics was once again part of a unique result in the history of the sport, paying tribute to a discipline such as XC, which requires sacrifice and constant commitment. A philosophy shared by the company, which wanted to highlight Viezzi’s success with a campaign dedicated to the “Azzurro”, confirming once again the potential of this partnership.


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