Meet the team, the strength of the team Buzzati Dry Bulk Logistics becomes a series


Our exceptional employees tell their stories, showcasing the essence of our company’s dynamic culture and daily operations.

If a team is everything, then Buzzati Dry Bulk Logistics is indeed fortunate to boast a group of individuals who seamlessly blend expertise and experience with warmth and a shared passion in every task they undertake. Each member contributes unique skills, talents, and yes, even flaws, to come together like pieces of a perfect puzzle.

The concept
The idea behind the launch of Meet the Team will always be to put the customer at the centre, to show the faces of Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics, to show their personalities and strengths. This helps the customer get in touch with our reality and to become part of what is, in a sense, a family.

A company is made up of faces
Meetings, people, characters: this is what makes a brand unique. In these videos, Buzzatti aims to delve into the individual personas of its team members, sharing anecdotes and experiences that have shaped their careers. The goal is to present them authentically, as if catching up by the coffee machine, in moments between emails and conversations.

A new way of saying who we are
Who says a team presentation has to be boring? We thought of something special jam packed with fun information about our team members. Something that makes them friends before colleagues. We have highlighted their qualities, but also the more curious aspects to make our customers curious to know more. Because Buzzatti is a team of people who believe in what they do and bring their experience to the office, giving an extra edge to working life.

Over the coming months, the Meet The Team campaign can be followed on the Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics channels, Linkedin and Youtube.

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