Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics picks HVO fuel


Another step towards sustainability.


Increasingly in demand but still partially unknown, HVO fuel opens up new frontiers in the exploration of the latest generation of fuels. Always sensitive to environmental issues, Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics has decided to equip its entire fleet with this fuel of the future.  


What is HVO fuel?

Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is a diesel-like fuel that can be produced without exploiting fossil resources by processing renewable waste lipids (such as vegetable oil, tallow or used cooking oil, all of which are paraffinic hydrocarbons). It is called renewable diesel or green diesel.


HVO fuel, sustainability and efficiency

HVO fuel keeps fuel systems consistently clean, improving performance and maintaining proper engine operation over time. But the real benefit of this vegetable oil is its environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by 60 to 90 per cent. 


HVO, all the benefits

HVO fuel is a truly green alternative to fossil fuels. It guarantees excellent combustion, even on cold starts, low noise and no hygroscopicity. Although it can be blended with diesel, the ability to use HVO in its pure form maximises the product’s benefits in terms of greenhouse gas reduction, without impacting on logistics and vehicle adaptation costs.


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