We Move Your Needs, Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics launches the new campaign with the Italian Bike Trial athletes


Speed, technique and performance at the highest level. This is the inspiration behind the commercial featuring the champions of a breathtaking cycling discipline.

Diego Crescenzi, Marco Bonalda, Lorenzo Castelnuovo and Pietro Maroni are the new faces of the “We Move your Needs” campaign by Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics in collaboration with the Italian National Team. A shot that, between jumps and evolutions, explains the daily philosophy of the company, devoted to action.

We Move Your Needs
Not just a claim but an authentic approach that has enabled Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics to become a leader in specialised logistics services such as Rebulking. In the video, made in collaboration with the FCI, trial champion athletes jump between big bags, silos and shelves to show off the new logistics centre in San Quirino (PN).

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistic again alongside the Italian National Team
This new collaboration once again sanctions the bond between Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics and the FCI, which is becoming ever closer thanks to the shared values that unite these two outstanding companies.
“We a particular discipline, which requires balance, control and a lot of technical ability. It was fun and engaging way to spend the day,’ explained coach Angelo Rocchetti. “We had never done evolutions like this before. Jumping from one shelf to another, in a warehouse with such large spaces.”

Action and challenges that go beyond limits, that’s what connects Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics and sport.
“The partnership with FCI is much more than a commercial agreement,” explained Mario Buzzatti, CEO of Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics. “For us, it is a source of daily inspiration, spurring our entire team on to do their best in terms of efficiency and performance. Our company has a lot in common with the trial world. Quite simply, we jump through hoops every day to ensure that our customers can rely on us with confidence. We guarantee reliability and quality through our continuous checks and through the integration of ever-growing cutting-edge technology for storing goods. We are happy that they felt so involved in this project and felt the sense of familiarity with a company like Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics, which, since its founding, has put people and their qualities at the centre. Then, as I have said before, our love for the sport is very intense and it is an honour to support these champions on their exciting challenges.”

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