Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics’ new racking systems make everything easier!


Our latest warehouse uses efficient racking to store your goods in a practical and intuitive way.  

In a logistics warehouse, shelving is a clear benchmark for efficiency, safety and ergonomics. For pallets, boxes or special loads: there are different types used, but all are based on precise calculated standards – both national and international – regarding load resistance. Certified inspections and controls guarantee the safety of these sorting systems.  

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics has a new warehouse with even higher and better performing shelves, which allow customers to:

  • Store goods in a safe place 
  • Keep product quality intact
  • Achieve on-time delivery at all times
  • Save time, money and space


The Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics’ experience allows you to have extremely organised and easy to manage spaces, speeding up processes and avoiding stress for customers whose goods are readily available at all times. 

Contact us and one of our experts will be with you step by step! We will take care of storing your products – whatever they are – precisely and efficiently. 


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