Certifications for the food industry


Food safety involves us every day and commits us to always maintaining the highest quality standards. 

The food industry relies on Buzzatti Silologistic to obtain safe and uncontaminated transport, even during storage. That is why our procedures are certified ISO 22000 and GMP-Plus to guarantee our mission and our work.

In this way, we can engage in a dialogue with all the players in the supply chain to achieve together the goal of maximum control over food raw materials.



The ISO:22000 certification is the fundamental standard for management systems in agro-food security. It is adopted throughout the supply chain by many operators, even those not directly involved in the production. The aim, in fact, is to make companies interact with each other to guarantee that the food is not contaminated throughout the process, from cultivation to the table.  

Our responsibility as carriers is to manage the food safety in the logistic and transport phases, using all the hygienic and cleaning protocols necessary. With ISO:22000, we are able to maintain our high standards and comunicate our precise commitments to the entire supply chain.



Buzzatti Silologistics is among the first in Italy to apply the dutch certificate GMP-Plus, which consist in very restrictive procedures to regulate the production and transport of fodder. It is a standard that supplier, carrier and consumer have to take in has is mandatory in many European countries, except in Italy. To avoid contamination, it is necessary we pay particular attention to foods compatibility while accurately clean our container.

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