The intermodal transport: the safest and flexible choice in Coronavirus time.


The issue of intermodal logistic is essential, at this historic moment, to comply with the health limitations that Italy and other European countries impose to counteract the spreading of the Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Thanks to our company organisation and specialisation in intermodal transport, we at Buzzatti Trasporti can ensure to food companies the delivery of loose raw materials throughout Europe, while maintaining high safety standards for people’s health. This fast and punctual service is available year-round for both long and short routes with no destination limit.

Intermodal transport combines road, rail and maritime transport. In this way, the delivery takes place in three phases:

  1. The first phase via road, the driver takes the container from the loading point to the railway terminal;
  2. The rail or sea route for of the container only;
  3. Third and final phase, the container is again loaded on a new truck with a new driver to reach the unloading destination.

With this system, drivers are never the same for the entire journey, they do not come into contact with each other and they travel only within their country.

Overcoming the difficulties of road-only transport, combined transport allows us to respond in a timely and fast manner to companies looking for a reliable partner to keep their business active, especially in this time of emergency.

Our network throughout Europe allows to make our 650 container fleet travel safely, all dedicated to the sole transportation of dry raw materials (grains, powders). The fleet is made of container silos and soloed cars that transport the goods in a pressurised and sterile environment.

Therefore, we can guarantee:

-food safety, because there is no manipulation by man;

-health safety for people as our drivers do not cross their national borders;

-Sustainability, because we are a green logistic and reduce the CO2 production. 

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