7,726 tonnes of C02 saved in 2023 all thanks to you.

climate balance 2023

Here are the figures compiled by Kombiverkehr magazine.
Not just a slogan, for Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics respect for the environment is something that in recent years has led us to intermodality, our core business. Since we discovered that this type of transport allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%, sustainability and the needs of the planet have become the needs of our own.

At Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics we are committed not only to reducing wasteful empty runs, but also to promoting the right connections between companies in order to save on time, money and emissions. These decisions are shared every day with our customers, who have adopted our philosophy and with whom we pursue the sustainability goals we have set ourselves.

Every year, we have a report drawn up that shows – with figures in hand – how our actions are indeed speaking louder than our words.

Kombiverkehr’s report
From 1st January to 31st December 2023, Buzzatti has saved an impressive 7,726 tonnes of CO2 over a total distance of 4,906,636 kilometres, according to the report compiled by Kombiverkehr. This is an important achievement on our journey towards transportation that respects the planet and its needs.

Choosing intermodal is good for the earth
Specialising in intermodal transport has allowed us to achieve an excellent performance with low impact, combining two core values that we hold dear: professionalism and respect for the environment. Anyone who chooses Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics is aware of the company’s commitment to issues of sustainability and waste of resources, which is why this is a triumph for everyone involved and a big step towards the goals we set out to achieve. An epic journey we share with our customers who rely on us every day.

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