Looking for a bonded warehouse? We have the solution for you!


Entrust us with your goods and forget about duty and VAT advances

The suspensive regime allows goods from “non-EU” countries to be brought into authorised warehouses by deferring customs duty payments (duties and VAT) until extraction. Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics offers its customers an efficient, safe and practical space where they can store their products without worries.

The bonded warehouse allows you to:

– Have the goods available at all times
– Reshipment to any destination at any time
– Improve supply chain performance
– Keep your goods for as long as you wish
– Shorten delivery times

There are also numerous advantages, including the ability to buy when supply in the external market is most favourable and sell when demand in the internal or external market is most favourable. In addition, the goods can be ‘released for free circulation’ within the EU (payment of duties only), shipped to an EU customer who will definitively import it paying the VAT imposed in the country of destination, or be resold ‘abroad’ net of duties and VAT.

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics’ organisation and experience allow for an easy-to-manage warehouse that speeds up and optimises processes, so that we are always on hand for every customer need.

Contact us and one of our experts will be with you step by step, guiding the storage of your goods without worries.

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