Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics and Agri Banana Bio, with a history of paper, trees and all things environmental


The company has embraced the African start-up’s project, whose mission it is to reduce tree felling through sustainable paper production.

Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics has always been sensitive to environmental issues and is constantly on the lookout for companies, large and small, that are personally committed to protecting the planet. They saw that Agri Banana Bio project was in line with the company’s philosophy, which is always looking ahead into a sustainable future where waste can become a precious resource for life on earth.

What is Agri Banana Bio?
Agri Banana Bio is a start-up company founded by Salimata Toh, a young Ivorian originally from Dabou, a city in the south of the Ivory Coast.
The project was launched in 2021 with the aim of transforming and reusing vegetable waste from banana cultivation. The banana fruit represents only 12% of the plant, the rest is waste, which makes its cultivation interesting for alternative uses, both to reduce waste and to provide raw materials for the industrial production of bioplastics.
Today, Agri Banana Bio produces biodegradable and recyclable paper and packaging bags, helping to reduce the rate of deforestation.

Agri Banana Bio and Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics
A company such as Buzzatti could not help but be fascinated by this start-up project and turned to Agri Banana Bio to create the packaging that will accompany Buzzatti at all national and international events and trade fairs. The bags, made from the cultivation of banana waste, have a rustic and elegant look and tell the story of the link between innovation and a visionary entrepreneurial reality.

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