The Italian Cycling Federation and Buzzatti, together on the same road


The Belluno-based transport company supports the Azzurri’s trips.

Two and four wheels with a common denominator: the road.For one, a natural stadium; for the other, a fundamental tool for building experience and looking to the future.

The link between Buzzatti and cycling is no secret: the company based in Sedico, in the province of Belluno, has always been deeply in love with this sport and, in the past, has also had experience in the world of professional cycling, together with Liquigas and Cannondale.

Buzzatti is now the sponsor of the Italian Cycling Federation bus and will accompany the National team during trips, as well as in the crucial moments of pre and post race. This new partnership confirms the will of the brand to continue the intense relationship with the two wheels besides having a great significance from the awareness point of view. As other Italian companies have demonstrated in recent years, cycling represents an increasingly interesting opportunity to create commercial opportunities, increase visibility and. The aim of this agreement is precisely to explore new markets and strengthen the link with Northern Europe, where Buzzatti has most of its routes.

“We are delighted to start this collaboration with FCI,” said Mario Buzzatti, CEO of Buzzatti Trasporti, “it will be a bit like being in the middle of the action, something that our family really enjoys, as it excites and motivates us. With this sport we not only share the road but also many values. One of them is sustainability. Cycling is a zero-impact discipline and the bicycle is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. In recent years, rail transport has become our core business, which has given us the opportunity to drastically reduce CO2 emissions, while continuing to grow with a green conscience and reconciling delivery efficiency with respect for and protection of the environment. ”

“I want to thank Mario Buzzatti, who is a great cycling enthusiast. With his intermodal logistics company, he pays great attention to the environment and considers the bicycle to be the green means par excellence. The company was founded in the Belluno area, a region with a strong cycling tradition. A tradition that we too, as a Federation, carry on and promote around the world. Basically the same thing that Buzzatti does with its work as an Italian company competing on the international market. A union of forces that will certainly lead to a mutually profitable exchange”. Cordiano Dagnoni, President of the FCI, explains.

The new bus with the Buzzatti logo will accompany the National team to the first important event of the next few days, the European Championships to be held in Trento from  8th to 12th September.

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