Buzzatti relies on a new fleet for sustainable future


Volvo FH vehicles optimise transport efficiency.
For years, Buzzatti has made a concrete commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, and is constantly striving to equip itself with the most modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. The company’s fleet is continually replaced and maintained in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety for goods and drivers, without compromise. 

With this in mind, ten Volvo FH trucks have been delivered for the year 2021, an iconic model for long-haul transport that optimises operability and fuel efficiency. In addition to safety and comfort, this vehicle uses natural gas diesel engines meticulously designed to save fuel without affecting performance and drastically reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. Thanks to these intelligent management systems, it is also possible to achieve maximum savings. And that’s not all, with the new vehicles Buzzatti also enters an eco-circular system, as about a third of the materials used in a new Volvo vehicle come from recycled material and, at the end of the truck’s life, up to 90% can be used again.


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